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Yashwantrao Kankarrao Gadakh Patil
Prashant Gadakh Patil President

Welcome to Mula Education Society Sonai

Mula Education Society , Sonai. perched on auspicious land of the river Mula basin , was established on January 31,1979.MES aimed at imparting education to the rural masses. Hon MLC Yashwantraoji Gadakh Patil ,the founder, envisioned a bright future for the rural students .As a result, MES made its first Endeavour by opening Mula Public School to disseminate education through English medium.

At present , the society flourished in Ahmednagar, Aurangabad and Pune districts by Marathi Primary schools , Engilsh schools, secondary schools, Higher Secondary Schools. Arts, Commerce and Science college, A.T.D. college, professional colleges such as Dental, Pharmacy Agriculture, college of Education, educating 17000 students .Apart from this Mula Education Society Campus is fully- fledged with the facilities like swimming pool, Indoor stadium, Spacious play grounds, well-equipped Laboratories and Libraries, Boy’s Hostel , Girl’s Hostel and Working Women’s Hostel in the midst of greenery of mango groves.

MES  is committed development of educational network of all basic  and professional courses for rural students to face the challenges of 21st  century under the young leadership of the president, Hon Prashantbhau Gadakh  Patil  and to emerge as a model rural education society.